07 May 2009

Bargain of the decade

I am a very, very happy (if rather stunned) bunny. Yesterday, I walked into town during my lunch break to get something for my lovely hubby and, as is my wont, decided to have a wee look at the bits 'n bobs in the local charity shop on my way past.

I tried on a couple of things (no joy), then a beautiful creamy coloured 'small' size Orvis linen dress caught my attention so I tried that on too. On the spot, especially after looking at the price ticket, I decided it was coming home with me as it fitted perfectly and looked great. The thrill of being able to even consider trying on a 'small' sized dress, even if that is an American size, is a very definite lift to the old spirits. That cannot be denied.

Things got better though. I spotted a pair of brand new shoes on my way to the till. My size, elegant brown leather shoes with a slight heel, and they don't appear to have ever been worn. And on a shelf above them was a matching brown leather handbag. I even picked up a decorative beaded belt for the dress too - not that it really needs one, but it was pretty. None of these things cost me very much at all and everything appeared barely, if ever, worn - what a good feeling. Wow, something like this does not happen every day.

When I got home last night I modelled the outfit for lovely hubby and he thought it was very nice too. Just right for a concert we are going to at a nearby cathedral next weekend. We decided to look for my dress on the Orvis website, just out of curiosity, and they still sell this range... and for rather more than my complete outfit cost me. In fact, for considerably more than four times what the outfit (and that's everything) cost in total. That dress alone is priced at £105! Good grief, it really must have been my lucky day!

Oh, what's that? How's the weight loss and more exercise going? Er, actually, aside from the walking, there's not been much change. My food intake is still pretty sensible so the weight is fairly constant, just up and down a pound or so, which is good news. But, despite my brave words, I'm still being a bit of a slob and failing to find the time and enthusiasm to convert that burst of (written) motivation into reality. C'est la vie!


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