27 May 2009

There may be troubles ahead...

...but while there's music and and moonlight, and love and romance, let's face the music and dance!

A great sentiment to hold on to, to remind me that although things are not looking rosy for the forthcoming weeks/months, there are still good things out there. What's more, it is not only possible to pop on your dancing shoes and celebrate them, but OK (in fact, rather helpful) to do that. So, to the plan - I'm going to get a grip right now and start handling the emotional crud before my equanimity all goes south.

Why the angst? Well I'm really worried about my mum.

A lovely happy weekend visit morphed into two pretty frightening days, with a worrying wait for a doctor followed by a trip to the local hospital. Although lovely hubby was fantastic and could not have been more wonderfully supportive, the episode has left us in a 'watch this space' state again where results, of course, may take a while to filter through. We are still waiting for her scan results too. Maybe by Monday we'll know more? Hope so, then perhaps some of the scary 'nebulous' part of the worry can be laid to rest and we can move on to practicalities.

It has been quite a struggle today to maintain my focus on work matters, especially given the pile of 'problems' and mammoth 'to do' list which awaited my return, but (mostly) I've done it. I've kept my patience and my temper (hmmm, not been easy, but...) and I haven't hit the chocolate. What's more, I don't plan to start!

Some of the 'problems' are resolved, albeit with some of them addressed by making the decision that they are not 'mine' to worry over. The 'to do' list is still there, and I daresay things will eventually get done, but I am not going to allow it to overwhelm me or get too stressed about it. It was a bad night for sleeplessness last night so I gave the rower a miss this morning. But let's hope tonight will be better. I will be on the rower tomorrow, even if I can only manage a few strokes.

I'll think about my food strategy, keep my healthy snacks to hand, and I will not put on pounds through comfort eating. Oh yes, that reminds me. The scales tell me I am 69.5kg today - not too bad for a long weekend away.


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