11 May 2009

One small step for woman...

Well, I've finally got round to putting my money where my mouth is.

Yippee! I got back on the rower this morning and was really quite pleased with how things went too. I'm deliberately taking it gently to begin with but did 200 strokes at a reasonable stroke rate in just over eight minutes and felt like I could have carried on without too much effort. But... and this is a big familiar sort of but... take it gently, girl. You don't want to do your usual silly thing. That's making the world record attempt on day one, getting knackered and disillusioned and giving up by day three - not that I've been there before and have the tee-shirt or anything!

I also got back to doing my (essential!) physio exercises, which I've rather neglected recently. I really need to focus and continue these if I want to stay out of the clutches of the physios... or worse, the surgeon. Again, these went well, so I'm really hoping this good beginning will kick-start me into better behaviour.

What I want to boot myself into includes:
a) taking better care of the physical aspects of my life
b) working up towards a return to the gym
c) thinking much more carefully about food choices and portions
d) shedding some of these remaining pounds and toning up the flubber
e) hitting the big five oh in better shape than I am now
f) not being overweight any longer!

Building on my positive start by a decidedly brisk walk on my way to work (let's keep that blood circulating, fat lass), I stopped off on the way for a quick visit to the supermarket. I now have a beautiful and healthy fruit bowl again, some berries and healthy nibbles for snack attacks and some new herbal tea to try. It's liquorice Yogi Tea which smells really tantalising and spicily delicious.

As soon as I got in, I filled my big (1.5 litre) desk water bottle and drank half a litre straight away then refilled my bottle. The plan is to drink this and refill it at least once today.

As good old Nike would say... Just do it!


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