18 May 2009

The good and the bad

The good stuff first - back on the rower again this morning after a three-day break because of the tummy bug. It wasn't fast, and I was knackered when I'd finished, but I did 300 strokes which I'm really happy about. Also got back to the physio exercises again. You've probably worked out that I feel a whole lot better.

That bug (pounding headache, frequent visits to the loo and generally feeling grotty) was not much fun at all on Friday so I went to bed as soon as I got home from work and slept right though. I was slightly better on Saturday so I could eat a little bit during the day (dry bread seemed sensible!) and the fun only lasted until Saturday night, thank goodness. I made it to our concert after all, despite still feeling a bit wobbly.

The bad stuff? Well, it's not really bad, more disappointing. Despite a few days of minimal to no food whatsoever, I haven't lost an ounce. I'm still sitting at 70kg. You'd have expected some difference after that suffering, wouldn't you? Not fair!

Nil desperandum. Back to fresh fruit and good, healthy eating today and see where we go from here.


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