15 May 2009

Poor me

Ah, poor fat lass. - that is how I'm feeling this morning.

Met up with my friend last night, which was great, and went for a meal. Ate veggie food (probably too much of it) which was OK, but didn't set the world on fire, but then suffered with dreadful indigestion all night. Rennies are wonderful things!

This morning things are, if anything, even worse as something has obviously not agreed with me. The rower was out of the question, I'm dog-tired from lack of sleep and think I should take out shares in loo paper at this rate. The Rennies are still my best friends.

Lovely hubby tried to persuade me I should eat 'something' before leaving for work... and seemed surprised when I shuddered. Even herbal tea is a bit much this morning.

Still, things can only improve... can't they?


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