05 February 2009

The white stuff

What's this? This is supposed to be rain! At 3 a.m. it was snowing quite heavily and there was already a white blanket covering the ground and frosting the trees. By 5.30 a.m., when the bleating alarm clock dragged lovely hubby and I out of a cozy duvet, it was still snowing steadily and there was now a good few inches of beautiful, pristine snow on the ground. Hmmm, very glad of the lovely hot porridge today.

What the heck, there's no problem. It's only a few inches, right? The earlier cross-country bus I catch to work (we can see the route from our window) went past, albeit slowly and carefully, so I could still get in to work. That is, until I went out to catch it. The little social gathering of 'bus acquaintances', the police officers, civil engineers, researchers and shop assistants who share playful early morning banter most days made light of this unexpected snowfall, but then our bus didn't come. Oh.

Well, the next bus didn't come either and then, having waited for a third to arrive (to no avail), we rang to discover that our service wasn't now running (I'd seen the only bus to get through today) and that the major road we travel along was partially blocked. We'd forgotten this was the UK, and we don't do bad weather! There would be no bus.

Now 8 a.m. and it's still snowing. In fact, it's got heavier. Trudge back home, now rather chilled, to ring work to tell them the bad news. Thaw hands with a mug of Horlicks Extra Light Malt Chocolate as a treat. It's only 40 calories for a mug, and makes you feel like you've had steaming mug of 'hot chocolate' for surprisingly little damage.

With no chance of getting to work I guess it's time to make the most of the opportunity and head off for an extended walk. Well wrapped up, I headed off for an hour or so, making sure to walk in the deepest snow to get the best possible workout while having fun. Took some lovely photos too.

Luckily (?) I do have some work in my bag which I brought home last night. I can at least check email and get down to that. What's more, I'll be at home in time to cook my lovely hubby a meal for a change. I have a surprise in mind, too. The day isn't wasted then.


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