17 February 2009

Snack attack alert

Oh boy. My dearest friend, Mother Nature, has just hit me with her usual monthly 'present'. And, judging from past experience, I'm now in the iron grip of a day of being H*U*N*G*R*Y again.

I guess this also explains the disturbed sleep over the last couple of nights, waking at one or two a.m. with disgustingly soggy sheets and clammy skin after the night-sweats. Hormone soup. Delightful!

This morning sees the fat lass a) uncomfortable and b) distinctly growly. Keep chocolate away from her today, hide that loose change and don't annoy her!

It wasn't even ten o'clock before I'd already hit my 'snack attack' box of fruit & veg, and demolished physallis, blueberries, tomatoes and grapes. Amazingly, I managed to stop there, leaving the celery, cherries and more grapes for later. I also made a cup of Horlicks Extra Light so ingested something warm for the belly to deal with.

Oh no! I'm approaching the danger zone. I have a lunchtime meeting with sandwiches provided - and you can bet your life they'll all be made with full-fat bloody mayonnaise! And I don't even like the stuff.

So, as I type, I'm trying to evade the temptation by munching celery sticks with Philly light and chewing a handful of grapes to placate the grumbling belly. Damn cherries have gone off! Oh well, let's see how long that'll shut it up for - a while I hope.

.... well, it worked. Munched an apple rather than the sarnies (yes there did look to be an oily, dangerous squidginess from mayo). Then came back to a cup of rather ghastly and gloopy 'spicy' (I don't think so) lentil soup-in-a-cup and a few tiny little blachang (fermented shrimp paste) & chilli rolls. These were just under an inch long, less than the thickness of a pencil, deliciously savoury, crispy and utterly irresistible. Please don't tell me they are deep fried!

This afternoon wanted cake, ate orange, drank tea. Assuming things don't go down hill from here, I'm going to call this a day a success.


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