18 February 2009

Soup heaven

Lovely hubby's mushroom soup is delicious. No getting away from it, we have it time after time because it's gorgeous.

But last night, he added a twist which took that wonderful soup to a whole new level. He added three cooked beetroot at the end, just before whizzing to a smooth, delicately pinkish-tinged bowl of yummy goodness.

A little swirl of creme fraiche (dammit, I wish I could put the accents in!) and a hunk of cheese-topped bloomer, warmed in the oven, and we could have been dining at the Ritz.

Thankfully, he knows what I'm like so he made a BIG batch. I've just had some for my lunch (wow, it tasted even better!) and I'll have another bowlful tomorrow.

Picture me with a Cheshire Cat smile and a satisfied tummy. Purrrrrrrrrr!


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