10 February 2009

Tempting treats

Ah, temptation, temptation. Mostly resisted, but not quite avoided altogether on this occasion.

This time the siren call came in the shape of the cutest little pineapple cakes from China (maybe something to do with celebrating Chinese New Year?)

And then there were some gorgeous Indian sweetmeats (burfi) from Chennai, as various people returned from visits back home.

How successfully did I avoid temptation? Hmmm, not very well to be honest. In the morning I ate one small Chinese pineapple cake, a beautifully packaged little disc somewhere between the size of a draughts piece and an ice hockey puck. It was OK, very nice pineapple flavour but a bit crumbly on the outside and overly chewy inside. I don't think I'll be tempted to look out for another.

Then last evening, lovely hubby and I shared a delicious cube of cashewnut burfi after dinner and each ate a slice of the diamond-shaped burfi. Much more to my taste. It was extremely hard to force myself to pick up the littlest bit of our shared piece, and even harder not to go back for a return visit to the diamond-shaped ones. Sugary-sweet they may be, but I love cashews and I'm mad about the texture of really good burfi. Put them together...!

OK, I may be fooling myself, but I'm half justifying these two small-ish indulgences as I otherwise kept to a very healthy day, food-wise. Porridge for breakfast and a delicious lunch of carrot batons, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, assorted fruit and a couple of spoons of Philly Garlic & Herb Light cheese. No yoghurt today and only an odd bit of fruit at break.

Dinner was pretty healthy too. My darling had made a delicious warm salad with potates, beetroot and shallots, and we had this with the breast from yesterday's roast chicken. A feast indeed!

All this would have been even better, had I been able to head off for a walk at lunchtime as I'd planned. Unfortunately the plan failed miserably as I got really cold and it was freezing (and very slippery) outside. Maybe, weather permitting, I'll try again today. This winter business is getting a little tiresome. Roll on spring.


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