09 February 2009

New Barnet

Doesn't it feel great to have a good old trim 'n tidy. Makes the world seem brighter somehow, especially when a) you like the result, b) people notice, and c) they agree it looks nice.

I do admit that the new style is maybe a wee bit more radical that I'd banked on. It's my usual story - I mentioned, quite casually, that I'd like to have it fairly short, and that was definitely what I got. I'd forgotten I had ears, but sub-zero temperatures have soon reminded me!

Still, my overgrown mop was badly overdue some attention - it should have been cut before Christmas. Think Shaggy from Scooby Doo (without the bristley chin!) and you'll get the picture. I almost find myself singing 'I can see clearly now...' in the morning and it dries within minutes, no messing about with a hairdryer any longer. Phew! A bit like make up, that never was my forte.

Some good news on the avoirdupois front too. Despite a weekend with its fair share of naughties (like those fish and chips on Friday and a Sunday roast), the weekly hop on the scales this morning showed me to be down to 71kg. Yippee! It looks like I'm edging closer to my next mini-target of 70kg. Maybe I'll make it in another couple of weeks?


Louisiana's state song said...

Nearly there!

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