23 February 2009

A milestone reached

Well, as of this morning I'm at my mini-target weight of 70kg! I plan to wear my lovely, fitted black (size 12) skirt next weekend for our posh meal, and have been wearing size 12 jeans for most of this one. Not bad, eh?

If someone had told me I'd be in this position this Monday morning, I'd have expected to be delighted, over the moon, dancing with joy, etc. But I'm not. In fact, I feel rather down at the moment.

I've had a lovely weekend, eaten good healthy food (including a couple of great salads), walked for miles in the sunshine and totally blitzed the flat so it gleams. Lovely hubby and I have been together and we've cuddled and chatted, solved a couple of computer problems and generally enjoyed our own company. He cooked us a gorgeous dinner of baked pollock with coriander and lemon, steamed pak choi and carrots last night - delicious!

But this morning I feel bluesy and don't understand why.

The logical bit of me acknowledges just how far along this journey I've come, with an overall loss of some 30kg from when I began. Yes, I can be 'happy' about that, but in a strangely unemotional sense.

Even the wonderful news that my darling has passed an exam he took recently (and done very well too!) cheers me, but doesn't totally lift the gloom.

What's the matter with me? Apart from me being a miserable cow, that is.


Anonymous said...

You may be losing weight but you're certainly not losing your graphical dexterity!

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