07 February 2009


Lovely hubby and I slipped up last night. It all began when, having made it to work, I could not get home as cross-country transport was cancelled... again!

Having stooged about in the snow for a while, trying to find out what on earth was going on whilst waiting in vain for a bus, getting colder and more grumpy, I reluctantly called my darling to the rescue. There was no other way to get home save an almost three hour roundabout journey with several local bus transfers. My white knight as ever, hubby drove across to pick me up.

When we finally got back to our home town neither of us felt like cooking. Hubby had been shovelling snow all day and just wanted a hot bath and to relax. The fish and chip shop was open as we passed, so we stopped in for something hot (and unhealthy) to eat. Bad move.

Fats, salt and calories notwithstanding, it was delicious, and we ate every scrap. We even chased it down with a beer. Yes, I know. Not the most sensible behaviour we've exhibited recently.

By the time we'd done this, I felt like I'd swallowed an elephant. And we both suffered serious indigestion for most of the night. Serves us right.


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