29 May 2008

Oh no. Not again!

I just cannot believe this, but I have yet another bloody chest infection! It is only six weeks since the last one, which wrecked all my plans for my mum's birthday. What the hell is going on here?

I'm afraid to say that I was rather unimpressed with my GP's assessment of five (actually six now) chest infections in eighteen months being, and I quote, "just bad luck" and can't say I really believed a word of that. He seemed more interested in the asthma side of things, threatening to put me on a steroid inhaler (no way, pet!), but even I can see that this always starts with a cold or sore throat and is not just down to the blasted asthma! Even if the asthma does, of course, always flare up and linger for a while when this happens.

However, a couple of wheezy, coughy bouts ago, when I was sent for a chest X-ray, there appeared to be no underlying reason the recurring problems should happen.

What is really getting my goat is that it's knocked my exercise routine to hell... again! My peak flow has reduced and is now crap and my inhaler is my best friend once more. No energy or enthusiasm for the rower, or walking, or the gym. You could definitely say that I'm NOT a happy bunny.

The exercise hasn't blunted my appetite (it really isn't fair) and this knocks on to the weight, which is firmly back up to that bloody 77kg figure. I am SO fed up.


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