06 May 2008

Bank Holiday Blow-out!

Not a great report I'm afraid. The Bank Holiday weekend was really none too good, either food-wise or for exercise.

On Saturday we started off being quite virtuous during the day, working hard and cleaning the house to within an inch of it's life. Exercise - albeit not of the gym kind. Then we ran out of time and went out 'just for a sandwich' on the way to shop for that night's special meal. Unfortunately, it wasn't a simple sarnie that we ate in the end, but full-scale ham, egg (x2!) and chips.

Then, of course, we had our guests over to dinner. We always feed our visitors well, and tonight was no exception. Three courses and, without going into absolute detail here, let's just mention that double-cream was involved! As was wine, cheese, chocolate and various other 'treats'! Yes, the steamed veggies with the main course probably made up for a tiny, teeny, incy-wincy bit of the overall badness but...

Enough. Let's draw a veil over Saturday.

Sunday dawned to good intentions and did indeed start off well. Too full to eat breakfast we went out for the day - lots of walking. Not speedy, but walking. Then we stopped for coffee. Not too bad - a scone, but no cream, jam or butter. Still fine, but then it didn't stop us polishing off all last night's leftovers for our evening meal. And yes, it still involved all of the 'treats' from last night (with the exception of the wine) but then to cap it all, we added even more crap. Yes, we started on the chocolates we'd been given by our guests!

Monday - a day of rest. Quite literally as we still didn't get our butts to the gym as hubby still has arthritis in his shoulder (nowt wrong with the lazy fat lass mind you!). Food-wise we were fine during the day, then came dinner. Oh no! There was double-cream to use up, so into the sauce it went. Then we sat down to watch a film. Out came the rest of the chocolates - and they've all gone now. What is it with us and chocolates recently?

I'm pleased to say I've been soundly punished for this weekend's excess. I was awake for a lot of last night, suffering with well-earned indigestion. Serves me damn well right too! It's good (and safer) to be back at work, methinks.


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