10 May 2008


OK, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Those extra two pounds have agreed to go away again - phew! I'm not quite back on track with the exercise but have at least made a small amount of progress - some walking and the rower has been used again, just not very heavily yet. Monday will see me back at Chi Kung so I am getting there... slowly.

I'm still not wildly enthusiastic, but I'm hoping that a bit more motivation will kick in again soon.

One good thing. Those lovely food scientists at WeightWatchers have come up with a prune yoghurt which is just divine! It is, of course, low fat (their stuff usually is) but it is creamy and full of little prune pieces. With a dessertspoon or two of value muesli (heavy on the oats, light on the added extras and with NO sugar) it makes a satisfying and filling breakfast. And, when I'm 'fancy hungry*' it often fills that little hole.

*'Fancy Hungry' - a family term which means that you are not actually hungry as in starving, but just fancy something nice. In the old days it used to be filled with a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate!


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