21 May 2008

Cautiously optimistic?

It was back up to my 400 stokes target for my early morning rowing today. At long last! It's taken me such a time to claw my way back to that level, and my stroke rate is still fairly low, but that'll improve. Also back to walking at lunchtime, as of yesterday - again, a success.

And what's more, rather against my better judgement, I got on the scales again this morning and at long last they have dropped - this time, the needle settled at 76kg. So, it appears that my extended static spell in the doldrums with an unchanging figure (in both senses, whatever I did) might, but only might mind you, be over finally.

If I have indeed lost another kilo of the horrible flab, then my body weight is now below the magic 76.8kg figure. On achieving this stage, I would have lost more than 20% of my starting weight. This is a major milestone.

The icing on the (fat-free, of course) cake is that, if this weight loss stands, I'm now quite definitely merely 'overweight', not hovering on the border of 'obese' as my BMI is now unequivocally down below that awful 30 boundary, down to a slightly more respectable 28.5. This is a REALLY BIG deal for me - I've spent such a long time being obese (and not all that far from being clinically obese) and could never really see a way out of it.

I think this deserves a small celebration. I'll see what the gym has in store for me tonight, then may just let my hair down a little.


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