20 May 2008

Let's draw some attention

My new lab coat is really getting me noticed. No, I don't mean the fantastic, smaller but rather boring old white one I was so pleased about on April 24th. Great as it was to fit into a 'normal' sized lab coat, this one beats it hands down!

This one is designed to attract every eye in the vicinity... and probably make them yearn for sunglasses! Curious yet?

OK, I'll show you.

Sadly, this isn't actually me modelling it. I'm not blonde (I just act it sometimes) and I don't have the slender ankles. But the coat? Mine is just as loud, colourful and utterly wonderful as this one. Another thing - it's roomy and it's only a medium size. And am I wearing it? You bet!

I can almost hear you asking where on earth it came from. Well, my lovely, huggable hubby bought it for me as a 'well done' present. It came in a huge box from the US one day last week.

If you love it too, just go and have a look at Steve Spangler Science - but I'm warning you, give yourself some time... lots of time... and hide your credit card.


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