17 March 2010

A new treat

I've been reading what several people have had to say about including some protein with fruit or veggie snacks to make them satisfy for longer. It sounds like a good plan.

I absolutely love Greek (or Turkish) yoghurt so that's one option, especially with fruit. But I also adore savoury flavours and miss eating my beloved Marmite as it is near to impossible to spread on bread/toast without butter, which I will not do (and yeah, I know Marmite's full of salt but, hey, it's a Brit thing).

Enter the new treat...

With my chopped up veggies, I now include a small (about 100ml) pot of yoghurt, mixed with a small serving of Marmite. It's just enough to colour the yoghurt a delicate shade of cafe au lait and just enough to get the wonderful savoury flavour but without the salt-overload.

Fresh cauliflower or broccoli stalks, carrot batons, celery and cherry tomatoes dipped into this wondrous mix makes me weak at the knees.


Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

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