31 March 2010

Gym success

Well, quaking in my boots and feeling a little bit like the new kid in town again, I returned to the gym this week, after a somewhat lengthy absence, to make the acquaintance of all the new kit they've installed in the meantime.

Job no. 1 was to ask one of the trainers for a quick 'Gym101' training session to actually figure out how to fly this high-tech fancy gizmo stuff. I reckon you need at least a degree in engineering just to switch it on and it has whizz-bang extras like iPod stations, USB connectors (why?), TV and radio which I certainly can't get to grips with! However, that over with I got stuck in and got on with it.

Considering I've been away from it for a loooong time now (for all sorts of reasons, but a whole lot to do with sheer inertia and laziness), I was amazed at how smoothly things went. I must admit though, as of today certain bits of me know they worked hard (sheepish grin).

Used the shiny new elliptical and the equally gleaming stepper for my cardio stuff (ouch... those new steppers are hard!) then it was on to my favourite bit - the weights section. With a few exceptions (leg press mainly as the knees are still grumbling at me), I used my old weights. That's the ones I'd worked up to when I went regularly, and even for the leg press it was only just a small step down. I certainly didn't go back down to the weights I used when I first started going to the gym... however long ago that was.

Know what? ...it was OK... actually, let me rephrase that... it was FANTASTIC!

For a start, I discovered that I now need a smaller exercise bra (support wasn't us!) and downsized sweat pants. What's more, I didn't feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb as 'that huge old one' amongst the young and skinny fitties. What a high!

I bounced out of there feeling a million dollars, and was so pleased that, in a moment of madness, I've put my name down for a personal fitness assessment.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations on all fronts! I'm so glad you went, found out how it all worked now, and enjoyed it! And yay to the smaller clothes!!

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