15 March 2010

Building on the good start

You can do it! Oh yes, dear old fat lass, you can. Using the 'consistency and mindfulness' you talked about last time, one day at a time, for the rest of this week you - OK, enough - this is about 'me' and should really say 'I', so here goes...
I can make the right choices to continue and build on the good start I made last week.

Let's get those eyes focused firmly on my next goal. The scales reported some progress this morning, and I'm down to 63.5kg again (the fat lass waves a jolly, brightly-coloured flag and takes a bow).

That's marvellous, and has put some nice firm foundations in place, but I mustn't let a little victory like this make me think I can rest on my laurels. I already know that I'm struggling with the emotional side of life right now so I'm right in the danger zone for resorting to 'a little treat' to make me feel better. That just won't do at all - it's time to get serious again!

So, the plan for the rest of this week...

Every morning I WILL get on the rower (for a minimum 300 strokes)
Every morning I WILL do a full set of abs crunches (yes, all of them)
Every day I WILL beat 10,000 steps (walking at lunchtime is the key)
Tonight I WILL go to Chi Kung (actually, I can hardly wait)
Every day I WILL take time to enjoy what I put in my mouth (no like it = bin it)
Every day I WILL drink and refill my water bottle at least twice

Let's see where that get me by this time next week.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

If you can do all that consistently you will move right along towards your goals! I think goal setting is so important - even if you don't get them all checked off - it's a great way to keep yourself focused!

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