22 March 2010

Promises, promises

Last week I promised myself that I would...

  • get on the rower every morning (min 300 strokes) - DONE (except for Sunday)
  • do a full set of abs crunches - DONE
  • beat 10,000 steps a day - DONE (blitzed it, actually)
  • go to Chi Kung - DONE
  • take time to enjoy what I put in my mouth - DONE
  • drink and refill my water bottle at least twice - hmmm, not exactly, but that's because I now have a new BIG water bottle on my desk
I'm very happy to have kept my promises to myself pretty well, and am also happy that the needle on the scales has rewarded me with a loss for doing so. As of this morning, I stand at 62kg, which suits me just fine.

Onwards ever downwards is the motto for this week!


Patsy said...

Well done with keeping your promises! :o)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Promises you make to yourself and keep are some of the best kind. Congratulations on a stellar week!

Tamzin said...

Great set of goals and fab work on getting them that completed!!

Thank you for stopping in to comment on my blog. I'm so looking forward to reading more!


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