07 April 2010

Sort of a holding pattern...

A wee bit down, then a wee bit up, now a wee bit down again... which means I'm pretty much where I was at the start of last week, give or take a pound. I'm OK with that as my darling lovely hubby and I went away for a couple of days break and we did indulge rather more than usual (and a very nice treat it was too).

Our biggest indulgence was a fabulous fishy feast at a rather nice restaurant (Loch Fyne) on Good Friday. I had a wonderful bowl of fish soup to start (rich and roux-based soup though, so between that and the slice of garlic bread which accompanied it, not as diet-friendly as it could have been). Then a starter portion of crispy whitebait and a lovely leafy mixed salad for my main course (and no, they didn't mind a bit), ignoring that pot of lemon mayo that came with it. So far, so good.

And then... er, oh dear - ooops! Then came a decidedly decadent dessert - a square of warm chocolate brownie. At least it wasn't too huge (grin), and I didn't eat the rather odd-looking 'chocolate' sauce drizzled around the plate. I also managed to say a slightly regretful 'no' to the suggestion of ice cream on the side.

Back on the straight and narrow again now though, and we did walk a LOT over the weekend, even though it rained... a lot. Poor old feet knew it too - ooooh, those dogs barked!

I must say, it was very nice to see a momentary glimpse of 61kg on the scales for a time, just before we went away last week. It was less good to see the needle back up to 62.5kg on Sunday when we got home, but it was a temporary blip and it was back to sitting at 61.5kg yesterday morning. So, I can't moan too loudly now, can I.

The plan is to eat sensibly and healthily for the rest of the week (more veggies please!), and to walk whenever I get chance. To go to the gym for a darned good session tonight and see where we get to by the weekend. Maybe by Monday I might see that 61kg back again?


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I'm glad that you had a nice time, even with some extra indulgences. Good for you on just staying around the same weight! That's maintenance for you.

Great job on getting right back at your plan! Have a great week.

Vickie said...

lovely comment - thank you very much!!!!

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