01 September 2009

I'm losing it

The weight, that is... thankfully.

After a holiday weekend of hard labour (OK, decorating the kitchen) the scales reported a nice little loss for me yesterday morning. I'm now at 67.5kg, which I make to be somwhere around 10 stone 9 lbs. It would probably have been a slightly bigger loss but for the exceptionally poor 'meal' choices we made while the kitchen was out of action ...chips? ...ice cream? ...beer? Silly fat lass!

But... even so, I am now firmly into long forgotten territory - when was I last at this weight? Was I happy back then? I sure am right now!

I only have another three pounds of fat to get rid of before I reach my next little aim (actually, it's quite a big one)... to be a 'normal' fat lass. Keep up that walking and rowing girl!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Wonderful job on the weight loss! And redecorating the kitchen is hard work!

You must be so excited about being so close to your next goal. Keep up the good work!

Jac said...

Good luck on those 3 pounds to your next big goal!!

Redecorating the kitchen is a HUGE project! I think if I were to undertake something like that now my diet would go out the window.

Sara said...

Yay Deniz!!

I hope your kitchen is as fabulous as you imagined it would be. We've been in the new house nearly three years now, and I'm just now feeling like painting and putting nail holes in the wall isn't some kind of sacrilege...

Deniz said...

Thanks for taking time to read my outpourings and especially for leaving such kind comments.

The kitchen is now beautiful, albeit rather bright. It's a colour called 'pomegranate' which sort of translates to 'oh my God, pass the sunglasses' deep pink! Well, we did say we wanted something bold...

Even better news - I sneaked a quick weigh this morning and the needle is drifting gently downwards. Yippee! That target feels like it's in sight and you guys are right - I am excited. Visualise the fat lass hopping from foot to foot like a kid :-)

My best to you all

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