20 January 2009

Where's that table leg? Yummy!

Oh hell. It's been one of those days. Mother Nature (bless 'er) has landed on me, somewhat unexpectedly, and I want to eat everything in sight.

Er, rewind that. What I actually 'want' to eat is all the chocolate I can lay my mitts on! Mere 'food' is really second best.

It's lucky that my new-found willpower is in place (however shakily) or the vending machine and I would become reacquainted... big time. As it is, I've mananged to fend off the worst of the munchies with fruit, tuna salad, fruit, hot drinks, a long walk, more fruit and a few Ryvita, so far at least.

That isn't to say I haven't cast longing glances at scones, cake, biscuits, crisps and all those bad but appealing edibles. I've just managed not to buy them... yet!

A bit of an aside but what I cannot understand is why my PMS doesn't happen 'P', as in 'pre', like it does for most women. From what I can gather, most women find their cravings hit in the week before. Mine wait until the b*tch has her knife right into me before they add to the fun. Oh joy.

I do hope tomorrow is a better day.


Anonymous said...

I hear table legs need a lot of cooking.

Better get out the slow cooker! Hang in there - it'll be worth it. Sws.

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