15 January 2009

A good day

The kick-in-the-pants motivation has started to show results. I've been pretty sensible for the last week, started lunchtime walks again yesterday and today has been an interesting one too.

Usual physio stuff this morning and the porridge for breakfast. A bit of a rush, but never mind. The morning walk in (with a small detour to the supermarket to super-stock my work fruitbowl) was pacy and fine... even with a heavy bag of healthy goodies.

There was a small hitch straight after I'd eaten my apple at break. All of a sudden I was desperately hungry. Tried the cup of hot water trick - no, not working. So, some fresh blueberries to the rescue... one... by one... by one. Thankfully they took the edge off and I got bored pretty fast.

It's been quite a hectic morning - a fair bit of running around and carrying boxes of 'stuff'. So lunchtime brought a welcome relief. Time for a sit down! Enjoyed my delicious tuna salad (with yoghurt and a tiny amount of sweet chilli sauce) and started on my orange, getting just far enough to be truly messy and sticky. At that point I was invited to a celebration - my friend has just passed her PhD viva (fantastic news!) and her supervisor had brought in party food.

Lots of edible calorific naughties on offer, from sparkling wine to a variety of gooey cakes to almonds and pistachio nuts. So what did I consume? A glass of fresh apple juice and NOTHING else!

So, congratulations to my friend and a gold star for the fat lass.


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