07 January 2009


Just as I thought I was over the bug... it came back and flattened me again!

So, in summary:-

Food intake = varied
Exercise = non-existent
Attitude = poor
Motivation = off the scale (the wrong way)

Despite spending an unreasonable number of hours asleep in bed (and wrapped in layer upon layer just trying in vain to keep warm) the weight has dropped to 74kg which I guess is something, but I just don't feel great about doing it this way.

One shining beacon though. Lovely hubby has been wonderful and made us some great 'pick-me-up' soup. A fabulous home-made chunky vegetable broth with swede, parsnips, leeks and carrots. Oh yes, and a healthy dose of garlic. No need for bread as pearl barley added some delicious carbs. Wish I'd taken a photo. With luck, it'll keep the vampires away as well as kill off those pesky little viruses.

Let's hope I can shake it off this time. It really is getting to be rather tiresome. I want to get on with life again.


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