27 January 2009

That dress... mk 2

Well, the scales have started dropping again... slowly, but I need to stay focused on losing the flubber and keep my motivation firmly in place.

My last tangible target, clothes-wise, was a long black, slinky, size 14 evening gown.

And yes, apart from the fact that I'd need to be a good six inches taller (even in high heels) before it'd be the right length and that the horrid belly still shows up as a patently visible lump, I could actually wear it somewhere now. I might even get away with sitting down.

Only 'could' wear it though as I'm pretty unlikely to go anywhere requiring such dressy apparel. Lovely hubby and I just don't 'do' that sort of evening stuff, and I can't say I'm itching to change my ways to that extent... not just to wear a dress! Maybe I could get it shortened but, to be frank, I don't feel that fantastic wearing it - beautiful as it is, it really isn't me.

So, for my next tangible 'getting there' milestone this called for a change in tactic. Let's think just a tad more practically, but still keep the excitement of 'will I, won't I' wear something special.

Well, I already have a nice black skirt (in size 12) to aim for, but it isn't really all that 'special' and isn't too far off being wearable. It's lovely, and I'll be delighted to wear it, but it's actually a pretty generous sort of size 12, if you know what I mean. So what else can I aim for in a rather more demanding size 12?

Enter the 'Laura Ashley Falling Rose Hourglass Dress'.

The marketing blether describes it thus:
"This gorgeous hourglass dress is made from a luxurious silk mix fabric. Designed with a boat neck and grosgrain trimmed waistband above the pretty pleated skirt featuring a striking rose print. Fully lined. 53% silk, 47% cotton."

I think that means ' it's nicely made and very, very pretty'. And it's a light summery dress. The sort I could wear just about anywhere.

So, how close am I? Well,I can get it on. I can get the zip done up all the way (if I breathe out hard and hold my breath). What I can't do... yet... is wear it. If I tried, there'd be an awful ripping noise when I first attempted movment, closely followed by swearing and the sound of a grown woman bawling her eyes out.

The plan is to try it on again in a few weeks time, just to check progress, and to wear if for my Mum's birthday in April. Hope it doesn't snow!


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