03 January 2012

Ch.. ch.. ch.. changes

Well, here we are, beginning another year, and ringing in those changes. Boy, but they do seem to shoot past ever more rapidly these days, don't they? Hmmm, I guess this means my grey hairs are showing and reminding me of my own advancing years, which is no bad thing. In the same way, policemen have begun look ever so young to me these days... wink!

This Christmas hasn't been a bad one at all though, and I'm really pleased that both lovely hubby and I were fairly careful and have emerged at the far end relatively unscathed in the avoirdupois department. So, to start 2012, I thought it might be useful to take a wander through a personal 'New Year review', looking at my past, my present (and maybe sneak a peek at hopes/plans for the future).

Being the fat lass in Jan 2007 (before starting weight loss) was not a happy place to be following the Christmas festivities. Whilst I couldn't have told you my exact weight (or maybe just didn't want to recognise or admit to it) I knew I'd indulged with a passion and gained again, and I was really very obese, weighing in at near enough 16 stone. Near as I can tell, I think I weighed somewhere in the region of 100 kg or 220-ish lbs at that stage, probably a little more. But, as part of my general 'denial', I refused flatly to have a scales in the house. Needless to say, this weight didn't do a lot for my health and was also not a great look when you are, like me, a fairly small-boned five feet four inches!

Mostly because of various health fears, I started getting serious about turning my life around in the summer of 2007. It was a big (for this read huge!) effort, but I had made considerable progress by the time Christmas rolled around. Still a pretty large lady (OK, if I'm honest I was still obese), by Jan 2008 I'd managed to shed a fair chunk of my fat suit and was down to 85kg or 187 lbs (13 stone 5 lbs).

By Jan 2009 I was no longer obese, merely 'overweight' on the BMI charts, and that was a very much better place to be. By then I'd lost a lot more weight and was down to 75kg or 165 lbs (11 stone 11 lbs). I was still learning lessons the hard way, and taking my eye off the ball had given me an unwanted gain over the season of jollities so I was none to happy about that at the time.

And then by the time Jan 2010 came around, I was a 'normal' BMI for the start of a new year for the first time in a loooong while. I started the year weighing 64kg or 141 lbs (10 stone 1 lb). It's safe to say that my life had changed dramatically by this point, although I still had to do battle with myself on a regular basis and had a lot of struggles. Things had improved a lot, but temptations still tripped me up pretty darned easily.

Jan 2011 saw me safely within that 'normal' BMI band at 60kg or 132.27 lbs (9 st 6 lbs), and having managed to lose a little weight over the festive period. A very nice present that was too. However, I wasn't in top form and still didn't feel I was making the progress I wanted to or that I was quite where I wanted to be. You see, I was still learning new lessons.

And now we come to the present. I've already mentioned that I did put a pound or so on over the Christmas break. Grrr, but I've hit Jan 2012 in the way I intend to continue. As soon as I realised that I'd gained I got back to being serious and have managed to shake it off. As of this morning I'm safely back under my nine stone 'aaaaargh!' line by a couple of pounds and headed back towards where I've decided I would like the scales needle to sit as a general rule, at 55kg or 121.25 lbs (8 st 9 lbs). It's less than lovely hubby thinks reasonable, but this seems a good weight to be for the fat lass.

But even now, after four and a half years of weight loss committment, is my journey over? Er, nope! Am I still learning? You betcha!

As planned, I'm back on the rower in the mornings (and will build up gradually), and I'm definitely walking whenever I can grab a moment, but it's high time those flabby abs had some attention again. As the weight loss part of my journey takes more of a back seat, and I've a bit of spare grey matter to concentrate my attentions on other things, 2012 is to be the year things get a wee bit better toned.

So, have a great 2012, and onwards ever...


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