11 January 2012

No chips!

Well, that's done it. The fat lass now cannot put any weight back on. It's official!

Why not? I've just come back from picking up my wedding and engagement rings. I've had them re-sized so that I cannot lose them (they fell off a couple of times before Christmas and that scared me rigid). This means I have to stay at the size I am now.

No bigger than this... ever.. so from now on, no chips!

I guess this may seem like it's only a fairly little thing, having a couple of rings altered. No big deal at all, I can almost hear you thinking. But hey, just wait a minute... the implications of this are way, way more far-reaching than a couple of pieces of jewellery, however precious, lovely or valuable they may be.

Just like my original hugely important decision as to whether I would get married again (this time to my darling lovely hubby and it's a decision I've never regretted for a nanosecond), this is a very serious undertaking indeed to me. In my mind it is another deeply thought-through and unbreakable lifetime commitment... this time to myself.

Actually going ahead and having my rings made permanently smaller (as this cannot be undone) acts a tangible and visible sign of my dedication to keep this weight off. I truly cannot go back to my old ways, and I'm finally ready to commit to that.

I'd guess you could say this is quite some milestone!

And, as to those chips, well I'm only half serious. I've always said that I'd never actually outright ban any food. After all, it'd likely make me want it more. So they're still on the menu, just in small and infrequent portions, with a bit of mindfulness and thought before I go ahead and choose them.


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