22 September 2010

Just a quickie

Phew! I'm feeling more on balance - in part because the exercise and eating have gone well for a few days. There's a lesson in there, somewhere.

As the sun was shining this morning I went for a slightly extended walk, and then got out again midday (hooray!). Fresh air is such a wonderful thing. It makes a huge difference to my frame of mind.

Yes, I'm still stressed and worrying like crazy (and now, on top of everything, my lovely hubby is not well and that throws me too), but thankfully I seem to be stronger and better able to handle it.

Aching abs and a tired bod suggest I might see a teensy drop on the scales by Monday. Hope so. That should motivate me onwards ever...


Chrissie said...

You're right, when food and exercise aren't there, the balance isn't either!
I hope your hubby gets better soon. Thanks for your comment on yesterday's post - you made me laugh out loud (and again today when I walked past the pub again!)
Good luck for Wednesday's weigh in and keep up the good work!

Vickie said...

I hope you do see a drop in the scales, but sometimes if you are sore-ish (which is just part of the process) and have not done regular muscle work on a regular basis, scale goes UP before it heads down. Just saying so you don't get your bubble burst. How is the sodium going? Water? Sleep with all you are under?

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I hope too that you see it drop - but even if it doesn't - you are doing fine. Balance is so important!

South Beach Steve said...

Fresh air is amazing in what it does for us. It is too bad we don't make as much time to enjoy it as we should.

Have a great day Deniz!

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