28 September 2010


Looks like I was riding for a fall... the lords of misrule obviously overheard me being positive so decided to drop a little extra problem into the mix. Thanks guys - I really can't tell you how much I appreciate the stinking cold!

Yep, the fat lass looks like a close relative of that other social outcast, Rudolph, at the moment. Taking out shares in Kleenex would have been a good move, methinks. And, after several days with an attractive sandpaper throat, she is now hacking delightfully - just think Marlboro man.

Suffice it to say that exercise has been put on temporary hold until my chest is capable of drawing in a breath without coughing and that darned head stops pounding. Then again, speaking of things being 'put on hold', so has eating very much as almost everything (including my beloved tea) has tasted like old washing-up water. Mmmm, yummy!

Oh, those scales? I guess they probably have dropped. Frankly my dear, I don't really give a damn right now.

As I said... bleh!


Fat Grump said...

Oh I am sorry you are poorly. Those pesky cold-type illness are doing the rounds here too. Son is laid up with severe tonsilitis and has completely lost his appetite but gained a temperature.
Drink lots of fluids and get well soon. Take it easy and see your lack of interest in food as being the silver lining of this particular cloud. I can't believe you have gone off tea though! Shock, horror! :)

Hope you recover soon.

Diana said...

Oh I just hate colds! I can't figure out why they can't find a cure or a vaccine that'll stop the stupid things. Actually, I'm pretty sure they can, but it would be a huge profit loss for a lot of those pharmaceuticals and they're hundreds of so called cold remedies (none of them work!).

Anyway, take it easy and feel better soon!

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