06 September 2010

End of summer blues

An autumn chill, and the prospect of winter, seems to have landed on me with an audibly big thump this morning. The weekend's sun has disappeared (taking all summery thoughts with it), it's dark whan my alarm clock drags me out of bed and onto the rower (grrrr) and I wore a scarf for the first time in ages this morning. I feel distinctly bleh!

While I type, I'm nibbling fresh peas from the pod, but they are much more starchy than they've been of late and I know it won't be long until I won't see them in the market. My gorgeous greengages and plums will also disappear. Not a happy bunny.

I'm still mulling over exactly 'what' I want to do after my last post's rant so I still don't have a plan to work to. I feel rudderless. Sorry to be such a miserable baggage but I'm just not seeing life as 'glass half full' right now.

Yes, I know it could be worse. The logical bit of me gets it. Unfortunately the emotional bit is well off kilter. I need an injection of positive thoughts. In the absence of that, I'll go out and stomp at lunchtime.... probably growling at random passers-by as I do so.


Fat Grump said...

Well, being rudderless is OK for a while, but yes, I do know how unsettling it is to feel that way long term. Rainy, cooler days are back, the days are shorter, it's getting darker earlier..I think the end of summer is a vaguely depressing time.

How about tweaking your routine a little? Buy different foods to have at lunch time? Go scour the charity shops for some good winter buys that fit you? Go into winter as a slim woman, so get out the 'before' photos, and feel very pleased with yourself.
This is the season for delicious home made soups, so all is not lost!:)

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