13 October 2009

Stuck in the doldrums

That goes pretty much equally for mood, attitude, motivation, food choices, exercise and... of course... the weight!

Hmmm, my last post about my experiences at the surgery wasn't all that positive, was it. Funny, you wouldn't think one small episode (and hardly a very important one in the great scheme of things) could shift my attitude to so far down in the dumps that I am fighting a constant uphilll battle to get out again... but it seems to have done just that.

So, about a week on from the last time I wrote anything at all I'm not happy to say I'm still struggling - a lot. Although I have been trying to kick myself in the pants (not easy, I find you need to be a contortionist!) and get back to doing my best, the results have been a bit mixed to say the least.

My mood has vacillated between one stinking swamp and another, with just brief moments of the positive 'me' in there somewhere. Seems like I just about manage to haul myself out of one morass and clean up my act when along comes another thing, usually fairly minor, to tip me back into another patch of muddy, sticky, mental quicksand.

Exercise has been a similarly fluctuating story. I'm loving the salsacise class (last night was a lot of fun), but that gotcha blood-circulating 'high' isn't staying with me and I haven't been anywhere near the gym - no matter how many times I've planned it. Thank goodness I'm still walking, albeit a little reluctantly, but the rowing has completely slipped. I'm doing my 'clams' but not the other physio stuff I should be.

What the heck is wrong with me? Aside from being a real moaning minnie, that is.

It's no excuse but I'm almost always tired lately (really think I need our fast-approaching holiday!) and I seem to be fighting a slight cold. Not enough to say I feel ill, but mildly headachy and a little bit sniffy - enough to describe myself as feeling under the weather. Shame it hasn't put me off my food.

In fact, rather unusually for me, I'm feeling hungry (make that ravenous) an awful lot of the time and my standby of fresh fruit isn't satisfying me like it normally does. Hide those carbs, there's a starving fat lass about! As hard as I work at being good on the food front, along keeps coming another 'little treat' to trip me up. Whoa - where did my willpower go? If anyone has seen it, please send it on home.


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I'd love to send some motivation to you if I could! I'm sorry you are having some struggles right now. I completely understand how that feels.

Those little food traps do keep coming along, and they are especially tempting when you are tired and a bit under the weather. I hope you feel better soon!

Take care of yourself!

Lori said...

That's tough when the motivation is gone. At this point, it is all about being dedicated. Motivation is fleeting. There are those times when you just have to get up and do the things you don't want to (whining and complaining). That's the weight loss trenches and where many people get lost. Don't be one of them.

Be kind to yourself.

South Beach Steve said...

I wish I knew how to pull you out of the funk, but unfortunately, that is something that only you can do. I am rooting you on though. Perhaps it is all part of feeling under the weather. May tomorrow be a much better, stronger day.

Deniz said...

Thank so much for your supportive thoughts - you guys are great. I'll do my best and try not to let it get me down too much.

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