06 October 2009


Well, I wasn't wrong - it certainly got the fat lass moving. This morning my shoulders are telling me they've worked and a few other bits are creaky but, amazingly, I'm not hobbling about like a pensioner as I'd half expected. It was FUN!

We were an unpretentious bunch, all ladies of a certain age and none of us (bar our young, fit, and very svelte instructor) could in any way be described as slender. There was a whole lot of flab strutting it's stuff in the dance studio last night and it was wonderful to see. Better still, there wasn't an ounce of dayglo Lycra in sight; we all turned up in ratty old jogging bottoms which had seen better days so I felt right at home.

Like almost everyone else, I left my class a delicate shade of lobster, dripping with sweat and completely exhausted after an hour of complex and exhilarating moves to some fantastic music. I'm still struggling to see the finer points of a forward salsa and a mambo move, even now. After one session I've come to the conclusion that, not only do I have two left feet but I have two left arms as well and neither set of limbs can function if the other is being asked to perform. In other words, co-ordination probably isn't my greatest strength.

Having said that, I probably used up more calories killing myself laughing at my own misadventures than I used for the dance moves. If everyone else went left, somehow I ended up going right! One lady obviously 'got it' so I ended up following her rather than trying to translate what the instructor was doing (while facing me) into which bits of the fat lass should be moving in what direction. I haven't had such a fun-filled, hilarious hour in ages and I'll definitely go back for more next week.

Maybe this is the motivation I need to get the exercise kick-started again in earnest.


South Beach Steve said...

It sounds like you had a great workout! You described it vividly - I couldn't help but chuckle a bit as you said you left my class a delicate shade of lobster.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I too laughed at the delicate shade of lobster description. That's the shade I was after I finished the 5K the other day. My hubby said, "You are so red." I said, "That's because I just ran 3 miles." He didn't say anything else!

Great job on the class. Sounds like you had fun!

Miz said...

totally laughing about the shade and the two left feet and arms.


and ENTIRELY why I tend not to do group exercise...which I should more often.
maybe then Id have 3 lefts and one right?

have a great wednesday!

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