21 October 2009


... and without so much as a note from my mum!

For the next couple of weeks, the fat lass will be sporting designer shades and sunning herself on a yacht moored just off the Côte d'Azur.... a tall, cool, pool-side campari and soda in hand and one high-heeled, strappy gold sandal dangling nochalantly from her perfectly manicured toes.

OK, the reality is marginally less 'rock star' and just a tad more prosaic, but I will be away for a well deserved break and having lots of fun... in hiking boots!

I will...

  • be mindful of the food I choose, but not be too restrictive
  • walk as much as possible
  • set aside a little chunk of time each morning for physio exercises
  • relax my mind and think positive thoughts
  • share time, love and happiness with my lovely hubby

If I gain a couple of pounds (or kilos!) I'll sigh, accept it and get busy and focused to take them off again on my return.


South Beach Steve said...

Have a great time!

Patsy said...

Just discovered your blog via Steve's 'Log My Loss' blogroll! Hope you have/had a fantastic time!

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