05 October 2009


I'm none too impressed and I feel like I've shot myself in the foot again. My last post ended "Get walking, onto the rower, and plan for the gym tomorrow."

So what have I done, exactly? Well, some of it - I have walked. Quite a bit actually, and food over the last few days has been reasonable, but that alone just isn't enough. It's what I haven't done that's made the difference. A lack of motivation and commitment to keeping moving (with no gym visit and no rower - lazy fat lass!) is the reason I faced the dietician at the same weight as I was last week, 66kg (actually her scales reported 65.5kg but let's not split hairs).

Yeah, OK, I know, its not all that bad... and she was still happy, and I don't need to see her again so I should be too. But it isn't good either. I could have tried harder and done better. I'm rather fed up with myself that my brave words didn't translate into action. In my opinion I still have a fair chunk fat to shift (especially around that belly), I still have a variety of bits 'n bobs that are in dire need of toning up and I still need some muscle building in strategic areas. So instead of getting on with it I messed up a perfectly good opportunity. Pooh!

On a positive note, my Salsacise class begins tonight so that'll get the flabby bottom moving - just made myself remember that someone, when I mentioned the class said "oooh, you're going to get buns of steel!" which made me giggle. Then it's off to the Positive Thinking class to try and shift my head and my thinking into a better, more efficient place... then it's down to trying hard again in the couple of weeks before we go on holiday. No pain, no gain.


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