05 November 2013

Low-carb Aşure or Ashura – Noah’s Dessert

So, although not belonging to the Muslim faith myself, I'm quite happy to appropriate a celebration. Muharram (the first month of the Islamic calendar) has started which means it's that time of year. Time, that is for Aşure.

Tradition has it that when Noah’s ark settled on land following the flood, the last remaining ingredients on board ship were used to prepare a meal. That was how Aşure, the dessert to celebrate this month, was first made.

OK, before we go any further, this isn't a traditional version, in any sense, as the usual components are quite carb-heavy. But it does mean I can enjoy this delicious treat... my way, and anyhow recipes vary quite widely between regions and families.

Mine has no added sugar at all, which may mean it isn't sweet enough for some. But I reckon the sweetness of the fruit is enough. In any case, I think it is delicious.

It is simple. Take:

  1. Full-fat Greek yoghurt (this substitutes for the rice/barley/chickpea base)
  2. Dessicated coconut (helps thicken the yoghurt nicely)
  3. Berries (I've chopped strawberries & raspberries to sub for the usual dried fruits)
  4. Mixed seeds (sesame, pumpkin, poppy and linseed... oh, and a few pine nuts)
  5. Rose water
  6. Pomegranate arils
  7. Crushed walnuts (mostly because we don't have any lovely green pistachio)

Mix together the first five ingredients, and let sit in the fridge for a while for the yoghurt to thicken.

Decorate with the final two ingredients.

Eat and enjoy.


Enz said...

Ah..I didn't know this had a name! I used to eat something similar to this when I was eating yogurt - I can't anymore because of an intolerance and sometimes I do miss Greek Yogurt!!!

William said...

Try goat yoghurt - it's even nicer!

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