11 July 2013


Yep, I did spell it right, and I'm talking about lunch. My mid-day 'fuel'... which I'm really looking forward to today. Hopefully, my lovely hubby is too, since he has got the other half of it.

It all came about because Waitrose, bless 'em, had a silly reduction last night (boy, had they ever overstocked!), with their big bags of mixed salad leaves reduced to a mere 19p. Couldn't pass that by, eh?

I had half a big carrot in the fridge, left over from a BBQ salad at the weekend. Hmmm, OK, grate that into the leaves. Oooh, and a bowl of chopped chives. Both of these things have been looking for a good home. Yay, they've found it!

Fancy a few tomatoes? Nah, not really - it'll spoil the look. So, instead, add a tin of tuna, a great healthy squeeze of lemon juice, the last spoonful of Greek yoghurt, a dollop of olive oil and some garlic pepper and... voila! Lunch, quick and easy and ready to pop into a box for work.

Darn it. Why haven't I got my camera here...


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