08 July 2013

Today's blessings

After another full-on weekend, and in no particular order...

  • A nice 'thank you' card from a neighbour (that made me feel lovely)
  • A cuddle with my lovely hubby before I left the house this morning
  • Sunshine (I'm relishing this hot weather - think I must have some lizard blood)
  • Pretty flowers in hanging baskets
  • Crisp, crunchy white cabbage stalk for lunch, with a yoghurt & tahini dip
  • Buying a little gift for a colleague with a new baby girl :-)
  • Avoiding the chilli salted nuts on the stall at the market (they'd put tasters out!!!)
  • A humorous and kindly meant (I hope) 'addition' to a notice left on a desk at work (er, not done by me, I might add) which made me grin
  • Remembering better times with my Mum (and there have been LOTS)
Just keep on thinking of 'em fat lass... onwards ever.


Enz said...

Yep. Once you start thinking of them, its hard to stop and be miserable!

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