01 February 2013


You know that old saying 'pride goeth before a fall'? Well, I think I tripped myself up and my 'pride' preceded, not a fall, but a gain!.Grrrr.

So when it comes to 'zipped', what I mean is this...

Fat lass, you really need to learn to keep it that way! Because, d'you know what, no sooner do you utter (or even think) the fateful word 'stability' than the needle on the scales will take a wee excursion to the right (yep, that's a move for the worse). I think that's called Sod's Law, or maybe hubris.

So, for all my fine words and after weeks and weeks of seeing the exact same number each and every time I stepped on the darned scales,I apparently gained weight. None too happy about this but had 'sort of' guessed that I was heavier because I suddenly 'felt' bigger (in fact, it felt like I morphed into the Goodyear blimp in one single step) and I sure as eggs did not like that feeling.

There are two things going on in my head at the moment in relation to this.

The first is me telling myself "OK, OK, fat lass, there's no need to call the emergency services just yet - we're not going to panic completely" Hmmm, though maybe just a little bit, for now. Let's just do something about it.

I also told myself to keep it in some sort of perspective. The rise wasn't huge - it was 'only' a pound or so (that doesn't sound too bad if you say it quickly, eh) and I regularly 'used to' fluctuate by at least, if not more than that, on a daily basis. Ooooh, here's a thought to ponder, maybe I still do - now I'm not weighing daily it's not easy to tell.

My other point this. Although I gained, rather more importantly, I 'knew' it from the way my body felt. I can hardly believe I'm saying this but even a single pound does now seem to make a noticeable difference. Having been obese for a lot of years, when I'd barely register half a stone gain, I find this all a bit bizarre and it doesn't seem as though it can be quite right somehow... but that's what's happened.

Hey, does anyone know... is this what 'normal' people experience and is this why they seem to able to regulate their weight without too much problem? Hmmm, I just don't know, but I do know that 'normal' isn't me - I'll always have to keep my old fat suit in mind, else it'll reappear!

So, this offending pound hung about for a few days  (weighed on Monday and again on Thursday morning) and there it still was. It showed no signs of disappearing, so I'm surmising that it WAS a real weight gain, not just water retention or similar. I got a grip and did something about it this week, I've watched what I've been eating and this morning... hey presto, it's gone.

As I say, this episode really should remind me to keep my big mouth firmly shut. And that's pertinent in two senses:

1) I shouldn't say such silly things as 'stability' in a blog post. It's just asking for trouble!

but more importantly...

2) I need to sit up and take notice again, review precisely 'what' and 'how much' has been (and is) leaping into the aforementioned mouth and make sure this isn't the start of a slippery slope.

When I look back and think more carefully about our last weekend away, we ate out (no other choice) and hence 'out of character'. We also ate way, way too much as we happily consumed the portions served and didn't moderate things the way we do with home-prepared food. Yes, it was all low-carb food but, even so, there are limits to what a day's intake should be.

There is a general consensus that a high percentage (some say up to 95%) of people who lose a significant amount of weight will regain most or all of it in a few years. I really do not wish to become part of that awful statistic!

So, the moral of this ramble is to make sure I remind myself yet again that the weight I've lost will ONLY stay away if I remain vigilant and keep eating sensibly. Yes, low-carb helps, but portion control is also something to keep at the front of my mind. Onwards, ever...


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