15 February 2013


...OK, I'm still not quite yet at 'best', but definitely 'better, and I am not complaining about that. Phew!

That disgusting yellowy 'shag-pile carpet' coating which has lined my tongue for days on end was not renewed overnight, thank heavens, and the last (I sincerely hope) of the painful raw patches in my throat and mouth seems to be healing. Still a bit sore when I eat, but food is no longer anathema... and I'm gradually building an appetite once again.

Better yet, tea tastes 'different'. Still not exactly like tea, but at least palatable to a large degree. Progress indeed. Strangely, the red-fruit tea I was sipping occasionally now tastes like crap, though lemon tea is still a great help. In fact, I have another mug of this wonder substance in front of me as I type. Vitamin C in a heavenly form.

I finally have rather more energy than I have had recently (well, sort of anyway) and am back at work, albeit taking things gently, so things are certainly on the up. Yesterday was my first full day without needing to resort to paracetamol (although I still have the vestiges of a headache, particularly as the day wears on). Yesterday also saw my first full day without a little (or big!) nap when I got completely tired out doing absolutely zip, zilch, nothing at all.

Eating has really not been close to my heart in the last four or five days, much to lovely hubby's distress, so I was expecting to see a bit of a drop on the scale. My darling man's been trying to tempt me with all sorts of low-carb delights, with added fat to give me energy, bless him (hey, who knew that avocado with a drizzle of olive oil soothes a tender mouth and throat as effectively as yoghurt!).

However, what I wasn't anticipating was the darned thing reporting a whopping 2.5kg drop from last recording my weight on Saturday. Ooops! I don't suppose that'll last for long now that I'm regaining an appetite, but it was a bit of a surprise, to say the least.

Right, next task (er, when I have a wee bit more resources to get on with it) is to get my sorry ass out into the sunshine and fresh air and start walking again. Next on the list is a return to Connie and the abs sessions in the mornings. Let's get some muscle tone back... a.s.a.p.!

Onwards ever...


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