26 February 2013


 A timely post over at Karen's site today, which I spotted just as the finishing touches were going into this one. Life's full of coincidences sometimes, isn't it.

Well, I'm not quite ready for a return to the rower yet (sorry Connie, my dear), but I still have the last dregs of that darned bug hanging onto me - it just won't seem to go away. I feel grotty once again and have a throat like a saw blade this morning!

However, because I know that exercise is an important part of my 'down-sized' life, as well as good food choices, I am making sure that 'some' activity takes place and I move my sorry ass a bit. To this end, I'm walking whenever I can, and I've unearthed my old step-counter to merrily monitor how much I'm walking.

The other thing I unearthed was the information about steps per day I looked up a few years ago. Wow! It's interesting reading... so more of that in a minute.

On Monday, I totalled around 11,850 steps. I know from what I did and where I went that this is generally a wee bit less than my 'usual' habits, when I'm feeling energetic, enthusiastic and on top of the world.

Today, I got to around 9.30 a.m. and had already clocked up over 3,750 steps... and counting! I'll be off for a walk at lunchtime (albeit under grey skies, in the cold and rain - grrr), then there'll be another (shorter) walk to catch public transport home later on, and I will do the usual running about at work, all of which will add to today's total. It may come to more than yesterday, it may come to less, but it'll probably be roughly similar.

As I say, I'm not firing on all six, so imagine my surprise when I checked out what this sort of level equates to...

Huh...me? Somewhere between 'active' and 'highly active'? Doesn't seem possible at the moment as I'm feeling rather more sloth-like than cheetah-like right now. It's a nice surprise, but I'm taking it with a pinch of salt as it's one I don't have an awful lot of faith in. Still, every little helps.


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