12 February 2013

A poorly bunny

Hello world.

Hibernation is where I've been for the last few days. This has been a good thing since I've  felt pretty sorry for myself, grumpy, achy and generally bleh! You can read this as 'not' being a 'nice person to be around'. My poor lovely hubby has borne the brunt of this (when I've actually been awake!) and, now I'm capable of rational thought again, I'm convinced the man does indeed have the patience of a saint.

Yep, I've found myself floored by one of the buggy beasts mooching around in this wintery environment. Dammit! I thought I'd been really lucky to avoid most of the nasty bugs surrounding me in the office (and there have been a few to choose from!) and on the daily commute on public transport, which very often sounds like an outing from the consumptives society... until now, that is.

This one set off with a towering headache on Saturday night, morphed into a sore throat and general tenderness and aches by the next morning, went through the alternate freezing and sweating like a hog phase, and has left me with a very sore mouth (with some fetching 'skinned' raw patches) and throat and a lingering headache. I've had no energy or appetite at all (the very thought of food has been abhorrent) but a thirst like never before.

Sadly, my beloved tea has tasted (and still tastes) disgusting - never a good thing for the fat lass. So, it's been warm water.. gallons of the stuff. Sometimes with some lemon, sometimes I couldn't even stand the thought of that. A rare cup of Bovril has helped too. Oooh, I wonder if this is indeed still 'beef' or whether the horsemeat has reached here too. Either way, it's a pleasant change from water.

Lovely hubby has made me eat 'something' apart from paracetamol now and again so I don't repeat the fainting and knocking myself out on the bathroom sink routine from my last bout of being poorly. I probably haven't been very co-operative though... which is where his sainthood comes in.

Today, I'm a bit feeble and mopey, but definitely more human. The head is aching but not screaming at me... a major improvement. With luck, I 'may' emerge from hibernation completely by the end of another day. I may even read a few of the blogs I've missed... but that might wait a little longer.

Oh well, onwards ever...


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