03 January 2013

Oh Lord, I'm a 'pusher'...

...and deja vu.

Getting the 'I've been here before' moment out of the way first... I've just been growled at. Completely unjustly too, dammit. I think you could say that I'm not a very happy bunny at the moment.

Almost a year ago, to the day, I had a 'conversation' of sorts about post-festivities weight gain with a colleague.

This morning I talked to him again, and he was "very down" about starting another year with a bigger mid-section than before the Christmas break. To start with, I felt some sympathy. But, just as it went with January 2012, he then seemed to get quite cross with me - almost verging on the aggressive in a verbal way - because I hadn't "gained weight" too.

To put it bluntly he thinks, just like last year, that it "isn't fair" and I have to admit that I began to struggle at this point. I counted to ten and bit my tongue REALLY HARD to stop myself saying what I wanted to say... which is that he's his own worst enemy. OK that's what I used to be like too, so I do understand, but he has had a whole twelve months to do 'something' if he's truly unhappy with his weight (he apparently does not take it too seriously as I still see biccies and cakes on an almost daily basis!).

Once he'd got grumpy with me I also wanted to point out that it isn't actually mandatory to stuff one's upper orifice over Christmas. Funny enough I can't recall coming across the 'eat it' rules printed out for all to see or catch breaking news reports of Santa beating people with a baseball bat if they don't overindulge on the mince pies!

Oh heck, I guess the best I can do is mutter into my (healthy!) lunchbox and let it go.

And the pusher? Er, I've done a bad thing (at least I think I have).

I was given a box of Famous Names liqueur chocolates which, even if I wasn't low-carb these days, I hate with an absolute passion. I brought them in to our communal kitchen area just over 24 hours ago and, darn me if they haven't completely evaporated! Gone in a flash!

Trouble is, now I feel guilty for inflicting this sugary crap on other people. Ho hum, mea culpa.


Dreaming of New Me said...

Wow... how rude for him to try to make you feel bad for the fact that you got off your backside and lost the weight.

Seems to me that he will not lose the weight until he wakes up lol

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