21 January 2013

It's just snow joke

No, indeed it has not been funny, as South Wales did get the white stuff dumped upon them and so was hit with the anticipated travel disruption and the Met Office's most super-dreadful, 'oh my word just don't even think about it' warnings not to attempt to move at all! Rightly so though, to be fair to them, as we wouldn't have been able to make it if we'd tried, with sections of the main east-west UK routes closed.

And... not too long after that all kicked off, the snow found us too. Terrific!

This caused a particular problem as not only didn't we get to go and see said relatives, but my darling Mum was very poorly indeed over the weekend (on the verge of hospital admission on Saturday) in part because her evening carers on Friday hadn't been able to get to her... and no-one knew. This is getting beyond a joke. I absolutely HATE being so far away from her as it makes me feel completely powerless to help her. I know I shouldn't but I also feel an abject failure at some level and am really frustrated and angry and... all sorts of emotions, all of them negative.

So, my dumps are even deeper than they were last week. Add to this a weekend clearing snow (only for it to pile up deeper afterwards - grrr!) and a long but short-tempered and irritable attempt, with lovely hubby, to put 'something' in a letter to the relatives, during which we both got pretty cranky, with each other and with the situation in general.

So, does this make me happy to be back at work instead? Nope - don't be daft! I came in (yes, through the snow) to 1) 'surprise' from my boss (huh, of course I made it - this isn't bloody Siberia!), 2) a pile of problems, and 3) the prospect of a loooong week ahead.

Given half an opportunity, I feel like I could dive into a great big pile of chocolate and not bother coming up for air. I won't, I guess... but hell, it sounds like a great option.


Enz said...

I hope your week takes an upturn.

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