02 January 2013

A time of new beginnings

Why, oh why, do I ever write daft things like "I can look forward to this year without too many worries about health", eh? Even thinking the thought was stoopid!

The Lords of Misrule were obviously on the ball when they heard me, as my lovely Mum has gone down with a renewed bout of the rotten chest infection which wiped her out almost completely over the whole of Christmas. She's not very well at all, has got worse over the last day or so, and the doctor is due to come out to see her again today... hopefully with some stronger, longer antibiotics. Just as the poor darling 'was' picking up a little too. Sigh... and I'm back at work and can't get there to take care of her this time.

That brings me to a resolution... even though I rarely 'do' resolutions. I've always reckoned that a good old-fashioned revolution is much more my style. However, to get to the darned resolution - this year, no matter what else is going on in life, I MUST get down to Wales to spend more time with Mum.

Not the best start to 2013 for her and it adds to my worries about her, sadly. Hence I'm thinking about new beginnings as, like a lot of people seem to be, I'm often hit by the January blues. Don't want that to happen this year, so I'm going to make a special effort to look for the 'good stuff' in life. So, apart from that Mrs. Lincoln... how has 2013 begun?

Well, not too bad, thank goodness.

I'm really pleased that I haven't needed to make a 'new beginning' on losing weight this January. Actually that is something I could not be happier about. So many Christmases have come and gone and left me heavier than ever for the start of a new year. Thankfully I don't need to kick off 2013 with that as a game plan and, contrary to all the 'nay sayers' who thought I'd struggle, a low-carb festive season wasn't any real problem to manage.

The flooding has receded at long last (albeit leaving one helluva muddy mess behind) and shows no signs - as yet - of returning so the wellie boots can go back in the hall cupboard once again. Score that a plus.

On the exercise front 2013 got off to a good start as Connie and I had a little session and I hit the abs stuff. Today (is it really only the 2nd?) I've walked and may row later tonight.

We didn't over-indulge ourselves on New Year's Eve. We had neighbours round for drinks and nibbles and had prepared a feast of Middle Eastern-ish low-carb bits* so even entertaining was guilt free. They were impressed and it all looked and tasted lovely. Just wish I'd taken some photos - especially as the flowers my darling lovely hubby bought for me looked spectacular in our squeaky clean and sweet smelling home. It wasn't a late night. In fact, I woke up at midnight, thought "oh, there's fireworks" and fell straight back asleep. Must be getting old!

*OK, if you must know - it was:
  • tiny wee glasses of pea & mint soup (cooked in our own ham stock)
  • a wee plate of miniscule deep red cherry tomatoes stuffed with Turkish tulum cheese with fresh herbs and topped with a toasted walnut piece
  • salami 'crisps'
  • grilled sucuk (spicy Turkish 'sausage') slices topped with a smidgen of goat cheese and a sliver of grilled red pepper
  • smoked Palestinian olives and Turkish marinated ones too
  • flaxseed crackers with garlic and parmesan (home-made and cut out in heart-shapes so they looked pretty)
  • a Persian-inspired dip (the original's called Mast o Khair).of yoghurt, cucumber, fresh mint & dill and pomegranate molasses

All that's left to say is... onwards, ever!


Roxie said...

Oh wow - your nibbles sound just fabulous!

So sorry your mom is ill. I hope she gets better soon. I must admit to being shocked about the doctor making a house call. I don't believe that has happened in the US for a couple of decades.

Happy New Year!

Enz said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) It made my morning.

Dreaming of New Me said...

Not good about your mum and having to work but I am sure she is going to be fine. Love your blog

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