02 October 2008

What a fantastic thing this is!

Yippee! I'm celebrating something which seems to be working to defeat my craving for 'something nice'. What's more, its Wikipedia entry suggests that it could also be good for me. No, no, don't look just yet.

I really struggled with my Black Dog mood yesterday, and today didn't kick off too well either, leaving me desperate for the dreaded 'something nice', very probably a.k.a. chocolate and lots of it. Thankfully, I've been rushed off my feet enough to miss out on an opportunity to indulge... so far.

Then I thought long and hard about abandoning my healthy lunch and going for something naughty. Thank goodness I didn't.

I doctored my cottage cheese this morning to give it some kick. Half awake, I added some tomato puree and a healthy dollop of.... pul biber.

This Turkish condiment did it for me. I absolutely l*o*v*e*d my lunch, and wiped up every teeny tiny smidgen of cottage cheese with my veggie sticks. And... I felt really happy afterwards because I could have been given my absolute favourite when it comes to chocolate...
...and cheerfully said 'no thanks'!


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