14 October 2008

Measuring progress

Now seems like a good time to remind myself just how far I've come, but even more to keep me on track for where I eventually want to be. I'm all too aware that there's a huge potential for me to slack off, as I am so much slimmer, fitter and happier than when I began my own version of 'the incredible shrinking woman'.

But, that said, I'm still a fat lass and I need to concentrate on the last part of my journey towards 'more love per square inch'.

So, here goes:

Starting BMI was 38
Current BMI is 28
Goal is between 20 and 25, say around 23
Conclusion:- doing well, but still some way to go

Starting size 24 UK
Current size probably 14 UK (some clothes still size 16)
Goal is a size 10/12 ...comfortably!
Conclusion:- well on the way

Starting weight c.100kg (around 15 stone 10 lbs)
Current weight c.75kg (around 11 stone 11 lbs)
Goal is between 60kg and 64kg, preferably towards the lower end, say around 9 stone 8 lbs
Conclusion:- also doing pretty well, but still quite a way to go

In pretty picture terms, that's:

Then, looking over the change in shape by comparing those vital statistics between when I started and now...

45in/114.3cm at starting point, currently 39.5in/100.3cm so, lost 5.5in/14cm
(a very nice 12.25% difference, not too much disappeared from the pointy bits!)

40in/101.6cm at starting point, currently 31in/78.7cm so, lost 9in/22.9cm
(that's a whopping 22.54% difference - now that feels good)

55in/139.7cm at starting point, currently 45in/114.3cm so, lost 10in/25.4cm
(again, a very pleasing 18.18% difference - but still quite a flibbety flabbety belly to get rid of)

Upper arm:
14.5in/36.8cm at starting point, currently 12.25in/31.1cm so, lost 2.25in/5.7cm
(a 15.49% difference = slightly smaller chicken wings)

28in/71.1cm at starting point, currently 23.5in/59.7cm so, lost 4.5in/11.4cm
(a 16.03% difference - and they're definitely firmer)

Conclusion:- getting there... slowly!


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