28 March 2013


And, to me, it's a pretty major one! I'm one happy fat lass.

This morning, a very kind, thoughtful work colleague brought me a Cadbury's Creme Egg to celebrate Easter. Now I probably wouldn't go out and buy one of these myself, especially these days, and I haven't eaten one in years, but I do remember that I used to rather like them.

I was really touched as it was such a lovely thought, and quite unexpected. My reaction amazed me - I found myself unusually tempted and 'almost' began to unwrap it as, for a moment or two when he placed it gently on my desk, my usual low-carb aided resolve wobbled.

So, after he'd safely gone off to his own office, I gave myself a stern talking to. Then I stroked the egg in it's shiny tin-foil coat and wished it a fond farewell.

I did the decent thing and passed on my egg to another colleague who has two little girls at home. He had mentioned that the girls liked creme eggs just a day or so ago so I don't feel too guilty. Er, nor too much like a sugar pusher... although it did cross my mind that I might be doing the wrong thing here and I should have quietly binned it instead. However, the good point is that not a morsel passed my lips. Good fat lass!

Happy Easter, and onwards ever....


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