11 March 2013

Growl, hiss, spit...

Hmm, it's been long time, no write... and I guess there's a reason for that.

The fat lass isn't happy. The reasons are manifold, but top of my grumpy list is the return of the cold weather. Just when the spring flowers were starting to emerge and show their pretty heads, we get the arctic blast and a return of snow (albeit only flurries so far, thank goodness). Oh boy, I do so want spring to arrive, and I'm getting increasingly desperate to see some extended periods of sunshine... guess I'll have to wait a bit longer.

Work isn't exactly the happiest place to be right now, with stuff going on which is a bit worrying - not for me directly, but certainly with some pretty serious repercussions. On the emotional front, there are still family issues going on too, so that isn't doing much to cheer me either. Adding to that, I couldn't be with my Mum for Mother's Day and that smarts a bit.

And the other reason for my blue meanies and miseries is that I'm still not over this damn bug and it feels to have been with me for way too long. I couldn't put hand on heart and say that I'm 'ill' exactly, but I'm just not 'OK' yet. I feel tired all the time, generally run down and apathetic, lacking in energy and enthusiasm and, especially in the mornings, I'm still just a little achy. And this 'not OK' stuff is reflected in my peak flow readings.

They did, quite understandably, hit the floor during the worst of the bug, but although they've come back up a little bit, they are still (at around only 400 l/min) well below my 'normal' levels. Silly, maybe, but maintaining decent PEF values is something I take a (perverse?) pride in. Some of this drop in value is down to a continued reduction in activity levels I guess. I can't face Connie yet and even my walking (which I am still keeping up) isn't being done with my usual gusto.

Before the looming black dog takes over completely I've got to look for some golden nuggets of positivity in life, so here goes. The good news I can dig out is that my weight remains stable, that I have a wonderful lovely hubby, and that my beloved curly kale is still in season... er, but not necessarily in that order.

Ah well, onwards ever...


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